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Fittings : the accessory you need

In the category deck fittings or accessories, Nautisports offers a wide range of products: shackles, carabiners, pulleys, blockers or navigation lights. Find a selection of different products which will be useful for your sailing maneuvers for different types of boats (pleasure or yacht). In stock, find a whole list of accessories that you must have on board your boat, for a safe navigation.

Blockers, jammers and pulleys: for easier maneuvers

Among the long list of fittings accessories in stock, the first product you can find on our site, at a more than reasonable price, are the Barton turning cleats. These products are indispensable elements for your outings on the water. Once on board, this equipment will be useful to block your rope and thus ensure your safety. Several pieces are available with different lengths: 100mm, 130mm, 170mm, 210mm and 245mm. Available in black color.

Other product available in our stock and on our online store in the category deck equipment, the XXA Spinlock. The Rolls Royce of rope clamps, for your ropes or cables, which holds loads up to 50% higher than traditional clamps. This equipment will be the only safe solution for genoa or spinnaker halyard locks on high performance boats from 35-50 feet. Available in white, black anodized or silver hair coating. In bulk, more information and details about this product: offers great performance on 8-12 mm diameter rope for loads up to 1800kg, fresh water flushing, for maintenance, one piece jaw for easy disassembly and cleaning, version with lock available...

Regarding the pulleys, several pieces are available in stock. Simple pulleys, wedge pulleys or stanchion pulleys. The Barton stanchion blockOur lightweight pulleys guarantee optimal performance and minimal friction on your rope or cable. Made of polyamide and stainless steel, these pulleys are renowned for their longevity and resistance. An ideal quality-price ratio for this product. Available only in black in our stock.

Shackles are also on Nautisports!

Always to complete your fittings and to connect a rope, a cable or a rope on which a traction will be exerted, you will need a shackle on your boat. Shackles are metal parts made of a ring and closed by a mobile axis. Different parts are in stock on our site, including Plastimo textile shackles. More precisely the Plastimo textile shackle which is gradually replacing the stainless steel shackles. These shackles are 5 to 10 times lighter than stainless steel shackles and offer many advantages: quieter maneuvers, no corrision, which facilitates maintenance, contact without risk of shock for the crew. This shackle is one of those that offer the best ratio of strength, lightness and flexibility. Adaptable and flexible, the textile shackles allow the pulleys to rotate, where stainless steel shackles would block them.

Navigation light: see well and be seen

To be visible, especially in the dark, at night, your boat must be equipped with navigation lights. And these accessories are also available on our site! Focus on the Tricolor light Naviled Trio Plastimo. With its black nylon case, this reliable product will offer a great resistance to shocks and bad weather. To go into details, these navigation lights have a stainless steel 316 fixing axis, has a combined port/tribord/stern light consumption lower than 3,5W and is pre-wired with 40 cm of specific marine cable. Its weight: 400g (cable included). It is the flagship product of navigation lights and an essential element to ensure your safety at all costs.

All the fittings on Nautisports. com!

The engines on the boats are not everything, the fittings and the equipment which results from it for your manoeuvres on your boat or on the sails will be essential during your exits on the water. You will find all the accessories, at all prices, to equip your boat on our site: go to our page "boat equipment" then "deck equipment" and find all the information and all the details concerning these accessories: rope, pulleys, stainless steel or textile, blockers, navigation lights, shackle, tiller kit, wincher, cleats, ... The list of accessories to have on board your boat is long and Nautisports accompanies you when you put the sails! As a reminder, for any purchase, on these accessories, above 150 euros, shipping is free. Find all the details of delivery in the category " delivery and guarantee " in bottom of page of the selected product.

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