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History of the sailor

Men's sailor hat : the timeless striped t-shirt

It is the decree of March 27, 1858 that gives the official list of the components of the men's sailor's uniform, the new uniform of the French Navy. It describes precisely that the blue knit of current service, that the sailors and petty officers wear under their jacket, will have to answer various criteria. The width of the stripes, their number on the sleeves, the size of the neckline... everything is reviewed. Originally, the 21 white stripes and 20 navy blue lines were intended to identify sailors who fell overboard.

Then worn by a large number of fashion and movie celebrities, the sailor suit became a chic icon in the 50s. This simple striped tee shirt for men became a highly popular garment. Today, the mariniere man has become an essential accessory of French and international fashion. A great classic of ready to wear. The marinière man is found in different forms and materials. It is declined in marnière man short sleeves or marinière man long sleeves and is generally made of linen, thick cotton or wool. The t-shirt mariniere man exists even in version without sleeve, type tank top or even in pullover marine. The striped print is found in the linings of oilskins and parkas of the brands Armor Lux and Hublot in particular.

The short-sleeved men's sailor shirt: a fashion must-have

A sailor shirt can easily be combined with jeans or pants with a more classic cut. Both chic and casual, a mariniere man can be worn in all circumstances, hence its growing success. The marinière is now represented by a large number of brands.

At Nautisports, we have selected the leaders of the genre: Armor Lux and Hublot marine fashion. Among the marinieres, here is a selection of mariniere short sleeves man. The marinière Regatta Man Hublot is a perfect example of the genre. Available in classic white with navy blue stripes, this cheap mariniere also exists with red stripes for more originality. For a price of 15€, the quality of this marinière is unbeatable. On the Armor Lux side, the sailor Théviec Homme Armor Lux is a serious competitor. This Armor Lux men's short sleeve sailor is made entirely of cotton for a more comfortable wear. Thanks to its non-deformable knit and its high quality cotton, this mariniere is a worthy representative of Armor Lux know-how. For a look of the most beautiful effect, associate for example your tee shirt mariniere man armor lux with a pair of boat shoes.

For a more casual style and adapted to the warmest weather, you can turn to a tank top mariniere man. The Wamba Hublot tank top will know how to dress you when the heat is felt. This striped tank top is both light and soft, for a price of only 15€, from size S to size XXXL.

Spring and Fall, choose a long sleeve marinière for men

Even in your quest for the perfect look with a striped t-shirt, it's essential not to neglect your comfort. When the weather gets colder, it's best to swap out your t-shirt for a long sleeve one. But why go without stripes when you can simply opt for a long sleeve men's mariniere. In this category, the long sleeve sailor Bastien Hublot is unbeatable. For a price of only 20€, you can acquire a very comfortable long sleeve mariniere 100% cotton. Available in sizes S to XXXL, you will find it in white with blue or navy stripes depending on your taste. If you can't decide, choose both, you can alternate depending on your mood. For a superior quality signed armor lux, the Crozon marinière for men Armor Lux will delight you. This 100% cotton men's long-sleeved shirt is available in white striped blue, red and navy blue as well as in navy blue striped white, so you can find the perfect piece for your wardrobe. Anchored in French fashion, the armor lux marinière will give you style and elegance all year round.

Men's sailors at Nautisports

You will find in our online store a wide choice of men's sailors, mostly made of cotton. Whether they are from hublot marinière or armor lux mariniere, the quality will be there and each marinière will give you a style both elegant and casual whether you choose it in white, blue or navy blue. Each t-shirt mariniere man has a product sheet presenting the composition of the garment, its price, the available delivery time, the sizes, etc. Feel free to leave a review after purchasing your men's long sleeve or short sleeve sailor tee shirt at Hublot or Armor lux, it may help a future buyer.

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