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Zhik Sailing

Zhik, innovative and sustainable water sports equipment

The Zhik brand began after the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. The brand's first reputation came from its expertise in dinghy sailing. The Zhik brand then moved into the yachting market for racing, sport and offshore boats. Zhik has made a name for itself in the dinghy sailing market thanks to the gaps it has filled with its innovations. In fact, many Olympic champions today put their trust in the brand and dress in Zhik wetsuits, clothing or accessories distributed by Plastimo in France.

Today, the company's R&D department is always researching and testing new materials in order to offer innovative products, whether for sailing dinghies, kayaking or rappelling, and these materials are subjected to strict tests so that you can have peace of mind when using your Zhik sailing equipment.

Zhik sailing suits

As explained above, the brand specializes in sports equipment, especially for dinghy sailing. The range of specialized products on offer is enormous. Firstly, the technicality of the suits has propelled the brand to the top: it offers fullsuits like the superwarm and skiff ranges, sleeveless suits like the . The wetsuits are made from durable, elastic neoprene to provide the perfect fit for the wearer.

Wetsuit tops and bottoms are also offered to the brand's customers, in different product ranges: there's the Neoprene wetsuit top for women, named } and, of course, its men's equivalent. You'll also find all the products in the neoprene bottoms range: neoprene shorts and pants which, when combined with a top, form a separate wetsuit.

The technical nature of these suits has led to their adoption by sportsmen and women in other activities. Kayakers, for example, have taken to using Zhik wetsuits thanks to the excellent quality of the seams and the sturdiness they demonstrate despite intensive use. Kayakers also appreciate a good-quality dry suit when they're in calm waters and their kayaks are stable on the water, like the Drysuits offered by Zhik. The superwarm skiff range is best suited to this type of practice.

Zhik clothing: a complete range

Yachting clothing, a range that includes waterproof jackets, from coastal jackets to offshore jackets, including those specially designed for kayaking. Whether it's a watch jacket, softshell jacket or even watch overalls, the Zhik brand offers all the equipment you need. The is one of Zhik's most successful watches.

Sailing clothing includes the wetsuits mentioned above, as well as a range of dry suits, technical tops and bottoms, sun protection and shock-absorbing Microfleece and/or Neoprene wetsuits for high-speed sailing. A trouser version, the Kollition sailing pant, is also available.

Zhik shoes and boots also form a category of products offered by the brand. Between sea boots, low and high boots and sailing shoes, sail, kayak and dinghy enthusiasts have a wide choice. The brand also offers deck shoes, the .

Zhik equipment: for greater practicality and safety

To complete the clothing range, Zhik also offers safety equipment:

A PFD is a lifejacket to aid buoyancy for greater safety on board, PFD standing for Personal Flotation Device. It's compulsory to wear a PFD vest during activities such as watchkeeping, sailing, kayaking or dinghy sailing, as the risk of falling is high. A wide range has been created by the brand so that men, women and children can find the vest that suits them. To stay warm, we recommend wearing it over a long-sleeved wetsuit or sleeved jacket. Each of the brand's vests is ISO-certified to meet strict standards.

The is ideal for ensuring safety and performance for trapeze sailors. In leisure boating terms, a trapeze is a cable running down from the dinghy's mast, with a handle, ring and bungee cord at the bottom to hold it in place. The trapeze harness's lightweight design, practicality and reliability make it the harness of choice for catamaran and dinghy sailors. To reduce the boat's heel, it's a good idea to abseil (i. e. position yourself in such a way as to balance the load). This will make the sport more enjoyable and improve the boat's buoyancy.

In the world of water sports, gloves are essential for yachting, dinghy sailing and SUP. Zhik gloves are grippy and can be used for a variety of purposes. For everyday use, Zhik lifestyle gloves or sticky gloves are ideal. For intensive sailing, G1 or G2 gloves are ideal.

For dinghy touring enthusiasts, a wide selection of Cables and Straps is available. Durable rubber and nylon construction.

Last but not least, Zhik has created a whole range of bags to carry your equipment. The bags are sturdy, durable and designed for use in contact with water. There are backpacks, waterproof equipment bags and regatta bags.

Zhik accessories: to complete your equipment

The brand offers a whole range of accessories to complement your sail, kayak and sup equipment, as well as your clothing. These include face masks, personal protection made for the water. Zhik masks protect you when you're on your boat, so you don't touch your face with your hands. Neoprene sunglass straps are also available to provide extra protection for your sunglasses. The range also includes quick-drying towels, superior buoyancy key rings and Neoprene phone and computer cases.

The Zhik range on Nautisports. com

Find all Zhik equipment for sailing, SUP, kayaking, dinghies and accessories on Nautisports. com. Free delivery on orders over 150 euros. Free returns and exchanges. Delivery possible within 48 hours in mainland France while stocks last.

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