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Plastimo is an expert manufacturer of safety equipment for the sea, and develops and designs numerous products for boats and sailors. Thanks to its experience, Plastimo is now the benchmark for online purchasing. The confidence the French manufacturer inspires has enabled it to cover virtually the entire yachting market!


A French specialist in fittings and safety at sea, Plastimo was founded in 1963 in Lorient. Today, the brand's reputation extends far beyond France's borders. In the space of just a few decades, the brand has become an international enterprise: almost half of its business is carried out abroad by 6,000 dealers in countries with a strong maritime vocation. This is the Plastimo story, which today contributes to the brand's influence in nearly 100 countries around the world.

The yachting market in France accounts for 54% of the company's business, against 46% from exports. An international distribution network ensures that the French company is a leader in the sailing market. From the pilot vest to the iris 50 compass, from the solas crown buoy to the plastimo fender, the nautical equipment expert is present everywhere, reaching a wide audience.


Both manufacturer and designer of accessories and products for safety, mooring, navigation, deck and deck fittings, Plastimo is constantly innovating, thanks to a team dedicated to research and development. The French brand offers over 11,000 products, half of which are designed and manufactured in-house. Distribution of 30 specialist brands completes the range, such as O'Wave, with its waterproof bags and pouches, or Topoplastic, which manufactures board instruments, rulers and nautical charts at its Lorient production unit.

Plastimo meets the needs of yachting professionals, builders, shipchandlers and shipyards with a comprehensive catalog. This includes the iris 50 compass, which in 2013 passed the milestone of 3 million units manufactured in Lorient.To ensure that our customers benefit from the best possible products, our teams work with the most experienced skippers to develop the best-performing equipment on the market. The demanding nature of ocean racing is the main source of motivation for the company, which takes care of its products down to the smallest detail. Sailors such as François Gabart, Armel Le Cléach (winner of the Vendee globe in 2017) and Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, all loyal to Plastimo, defend the group's products. A guarantee of superior quality for aspiring professional sailors and yachtsmen alike.


Plastimo's flagship model, the Pilot 165, its liferafts and accessories, is well known and recognized worldwide. With 50 years' experience in the manufacture of liferafts and tenders, the company has developed unique know-how in the field.

The French company is the only one to manufacture and overhaul all the liferafts that leave its Lorient workshops. Each one}returns to the brand's warehouses for an overhaul, enabling the brand to ensure their quality and durability. The transocean iso 9650-1 raft, like the Radeau Cotier ISO 9650-2 6-person model, is one of Plastimo's flagship models, mandatory on board in France for all sailing beyond 6 miles from a shelter.

The are developed with the same care, produced from noble materials such as reinforced polyester and stainless steel. Stainless steel is also used in engine mounts, for its robustness, and other motorboating accessories and engine peripherals. Here too, a wide range of parts is available for water-skiing, fishing and diving enthusiasts.

The brand's best-seller, the pilot 165 plastimo lifejacket, stands out for its efficiency, stock and price (from €68). Redesigned for 2019, the new pilot 165 lifejacket is lighter and therefore more comfortable, while retaining the same effective buoyancy of 165 newtons. It comes in versions with manual or automatic release (percussion with cellulose pellet), or with a Hammar hydrostatic system. Maintenance of this safety equipment remains both simple and affordable, with a refill kit, or reset kit, adapted to each vest.

Each model is also available with or without a harness. Plastimo is also launching new inflatable lifejackets for children aged 9 to 12, and developing lifejackets for use on hydrofoil boats.More recently, our design office teams worked with SNSM lifeguards to develop a new safety lanyard. The result is the Plastimo SNSM 3-point lanyard, an innovative technical product available for sale to yachtsmen.


In addition to safety accessories, Plastimo also excels in navigation tools such as the Cras Evolution ruler, bearing compass, nautical protractor and course compass. The company manufactures and develops its own compasses, adaptable for bulkhead or mast mounting. Reliable and precise, the rose of the}allows easy reading. A compass is compulsory on a boat for coastal navigation from 2 to 6 miles from a shelter, and for offshore navigation more than 6 miles from a shelter, so it's essential on board.

Like the dry point compass, which is the instrument of choice for sailors, the ruler cras is the first model to combine a ruler with a protractor for plotting a course or plotting a bearing on a chart. Indispensable when your electronics fail you at sea.


The Activ watch jacket is part of the new seawear collection from Plastimo, who also excel in nautical textiles. With its waterproof and breathable 3-layer laminated fabric, the Plastimo Men's Activ' Jacket offers flexibility, comfort and protection for total freedom of movement on the water. A women's version is also available, again in black and red.

The brand's Activ' jacket is designed for the open sea, but can also be used by motorboat enthusiasts. The jacket's high collar provides full protection from the cold and spray, while the front flap covers the entire nose. The activ jacket can be combined with the dungarees of the same name and their removable bib for even greater protection against water. To make sure you stay dry from head to toe, you can complete your outfit with Activ Coolmax waterproof socks, or a Merinos version, in addition to the waterproof beanie and gloves from the same range.


Browse our in-stock and available-for-delivery items on our Plastimo online store and find your watch jacket or fittings for your boat. Many models of crown buoy, fender and , lifejacket, cras rule, inflatable dinghy, flash light, shredder knife, compass and floating anchor are offered for sale online.Everything is designed to offer the best possible value for money. In addition to being constantly available, one of Plastimo's flagship items is also affordable.

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