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Guy cotten

Guy Cotten

Guy Cotten, serving sailors since 1964

It all started in 1964, when Guy Cotten and his wife developed the first Guy Cotten raincoat using PVC. Allowing for multiple layers while being lighter, the Guy Cotten marine oilskin is quickly used by many sailors. Since then, the brand has refined its technique and uses it for other products, such as Guy Cotten pants, Guy Cotten jackets, Guy Cotten bags and a wide range of marine accessories. Wearing a marine oilskin Guy Cotten will allow you to protect yourself efficiently from the rain.

The famous brand manufactures all its products in France, in Brittany, in its Guy Cotten factory in Tregunc, south of Concarneau.

Cotten oilskins, a must-have for protection against bad weather

The first of all Guy Cotten oilskins was the Rosbras Cap Coz Guy Cotten oilskin jacket, which completely revolutionized sea clothing at the time, to the point of remaining the brand's logo to this day. The technical characteristics of this Guy Cotten raincoat have hardly changed since its creation. The recipe for the Guy Cotten yellow oilskin has remained the same: a coated oilcloth to protect you from the elements and a wide cut that allows great freedom of movement. The only major addition to this Ciré Cotten is the "Magic" hood, added to the yellow oilskin in 2006.

The brand with the yellow oilskin created this hood so that it can rotate with the movements of your head. Another Guy Cotten oilskin that has become a best-seller is the Guy Cotten Yellow Isoder Jacket. The success of this jacket among sailors is its quality-price ratio. In stock from S to XXL for less than 70 euros, you will be surprised by the waterproofness of this oil jacket made of Glentex fabric, exclusive to Guy Cotten. A children's version is also available. Guy Cotten is the reference if you want to buy an oilskin.

The Guy Cotten pants, the know-how of the brand with yellow oilskin in an oilskin pants

Over time, Guy Cotten has perfected its know-how and applied it to other products. This is how Guy Cotten jackets and overalls were born. Using the same process as for its oilskins, Guy Cotten has created waterproof pants that will protect perfectly from rain and water projections. Guy Cotten's flagship model is the Pouldo Glentex Guy Cotten waxed pants. Once again, the quality-price ratio offered by Guy Cotten is simply unbeatable. Made of Glentex fabric with welded seams, these Guy Cotten pants made in Brittany cost less than 35 euros.

Another Guy Cotten classic, the yellow Pouldo CapCoz Guy Cotten waxed pants. Thanks to their elastic waistband and welded seams, these waxed pants will perfectly fit your body and will protect you from the elements. The Pouldo Cap Coz Guy Cotten pants are comfortable thanks to the soft inner fabric and remain flexible for a better freedom of movement on the boat. The Guy Cotten pants are to be found on our online store Guy Cotten.

Guy Cotten bags: on the road to success!

In addition to the marine oilskins, pants and jerseys that have made Guy Cotten famous, the brand with the yellow oilskin has developed over time a whole range of accessories, including waterproof bags Guy Cotten. Available in all sizes, weights and colors, Guy Cotten's marine bags keep the brand's DNA and protect your belongings from the water.

From Nano bag 10 liters to the waterproof bag TRI+SEC 80 liters, there will always be a Guy Cotten bag to meet your needs. The Guy Cotten Mino 40 liters bag for example, will be perfect to take the bare minimum and leave for a day or two while the Duo 80 liters Guy Cotten waterproof bag will be more adapted for an outing over several days. Between these two sizes, you will find the Guy Cotten Uno 60 liters bagPerfect for regular use, even in rainy weather.

Guy Cotten has also created fully waterproof bags such as the N°2 30-liter Guy Cotten waterproof bag. Numbered from 1 to 5 according to the volume, these Guy Cotten waterproof bags will be ideal to accompany you in your marine adventures, and are available on our Guy Cotten online store.

Guy Cotten : quality-price and complete catalog on Nautisports. com

For over 50 years, Guy Cotten clothing has been accompanying skippers and fishermen and making their lives easier. Since the appearance of the yellow raincoat, Guy Cotten has evolved to meet more and more needs by diversifying the equipment offered. So if you don't know how to choose your fouliesopt for Guy Cotten!

Guy Cotten pants first appeared, followed by Guy Cotten jackets, then Guy Cotten waterproof bags. The brand with the yellow oilskin will protect you and your belongings from water splashes on the boat as well as on land.

You will find on our online store Guy Cotten a wide selection of products and equipment of the brand, at prices always more attractive for all lovers of the sea!

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