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Men's Sailing Clothing




Textile for men: the embarrassment of choice

Whether you are passionate about water sports, or simply a lover of marine fashion, find a wide selection of products on Nautisports. com. If you are looking for men's marine clothing, nautical clothing or sailing suits, you will find what you are looking for among a catalog of products ranging from marine oilskins, through dry suits to the famous sailor's hat. Depending on your needs and your budget, you will find the ideal product to satisfy your desires. Guy Cotten, Armox Lux, Helly Hansen... many brands can be found on our website.


For your next sea trip, Nautisports will accompany you! Sailing Jacket men's marine oilskins, waterproof jackets, men's softshells, polar fleeces, you have a lot to choose from. The basic equipment among marine clothing is obviously the essential watch jacket. For protection against wind and rain, the watch jacket is waterproof and windproof. Your choice will depend on the type of program because not all watch jackets have the same purpose. Several products are available, especially for offshore trips in difficult conditions or for a trip along the coast. However, some jackets are compatible with both. In particular the Helly Hansen Skagen Offshore jacket for a coastal and offshore . It will guarantee you dryness and freedom of movement for an excellent quality/price ratio.


The other best-seller in nautical clothing is of course the foulies! The oilskin has two advantages: it protects perfectly from the rain and has a longer life span than the deck jacket. Many deck jackets are available if you want to have a lighter equipment and a greater freedom of movement. But let's go back to the oilskin and in particular to the emblematic yellow oilskin of the Guy Cotten brand. The Guy Cotten Rosbras Cap Coz Oiled Jacket is priced at 120 euros, with its revolutionary hood that turns with your head and its foolproof waterproofness. A must have!


If the objective of the watch jackets and oilskins is to keep you dry, the objective of the fleeces or softshells is to keep you warm. A softshell jacket can replace the watch jacket and fleece if the weather is nice. This is the case with the Hampton 2.1 Softshell from Slam. Windproof and waterproof, it will guarantee warmth and act as an intermediate layer in addition to a watch jacket or an oilskin. It can also be worn alone, thanks to its fleece back, in case of mild weather.


Water sports: be equipped!


Whatever your type of sailing, it is necessary to have equipment that offers you comfort and safety. Nautisports offers a wide range of products to help you make the most of your outing at sea or on the water. For activities such as Dinghy and Paddle . Choose a dry suit or neoprene suit. The MPX Gore-Tex Drysuit from Musto is designed to withstand the worst conditions. It's a must-have for dinghy sailing in particular, and will provide you with waterproofing and comfort.

The neoprene suit is an essential piece of equipment if you practice diving or surfing. Neoprene allows you to stay in the water longer without getting cold. Warmth, better buoyancy and freedom of movement always intact, this is the result you will have with this type of suit. This is the case, for example, of the Brand 5/4 Mm wetsuit from Magic Marine, which also has the advantage of being light and flexible.

Depending on the weather, choose your equipment carefully and protect yourself from the outside elements. In case of rain and wind, dry suits are a must, and jackets can also help protect your upper body from water infiltration. If it's cold, neoprene wetsuits are a must, but don't forget UV-resistant T-shirts if it's not. Insolation or sunburn can be extremely dangerous and can ruin your outing. Numerous anti-UV t-shirts are available at Nautisports. com.




Marine fashion: the style you need

It is unthinkable to adopt a sailor style without a sailor suit. Among men's marine clothing, it is the essential element to have in his wardrobe. You can find the star of the Marine Fashion You can find the traditional blue and white striped sailor, including the Marinière Brest Homme from Armor Lux. And to shake up the traditions, find the sailor in different forms (long or short sleeves, t-shirt, tank top or sweater) and in different colors (white and red or blue and red). To complete your outfit, Nautisports also offers a wide range of clothing allowing you to adopt a sailor style whether in summer or winter. Sweaters, down jackets, parkas, socks but also t-shirts, shirts or swimsuits.

Get ready with Nautisports!

Professional clothing  Nautisports will help you choose your equipment, but not only. The experts will find their happiness and the equipment that they need whether it is at the level of the nautical clothing, but also of the accessories. A range of products that will guarantee comfort, elegance and safety. For the amateurs of the seaside, come to discover all the products being able to help you to benefit at most from your escapade and choose the marine style. Nautisports will satisfy your needs and desires.

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