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For a complete boat equipment !

In the category "boat equipment", find the complete list of all the products you will need on board your boat, pleasure or not, whether it is a motor boat or a sailboat and whatever your type of navigation. To begin and to ensure your safety, which is priceless, Nautisports offers a wide range of products for the equipment of the deck of your boat, the fittings. Blockers, shackles, navigation lights, ropes... Everything is there! Concerning the mooring, you will certainly find the product that will complete your equipment (fenders, dinghies, buoys, stainless steel or teak ladders...) Finally, you will also find a selection of maintenance products (antifouling, stratification) that will make your boat shine!

Plastimo dinghies : the reference

If you are sailing in France or in Europe, aboard a large boat, you will need a dinghy to go back and forth between the port or the shore and your boat anchored offshore. If you want to get one, Nautisports will make your wishes come true! The Plastimo brand has a wide selection of dinghies in stock, at all prices. First products in stock and available, . If you have a yacht type boat, this is the model you need. Perfect for quick trips, the capacity of the two dinghies can go from one person to four or even five. Some of the features in detail of these boats: maximum power of the motors: 14.7 kW (20HP), the diameter of the floats is 42 cm, the equipment also includes accessories such as the protective cover, the repair kit and 2 paddles. All other information (length, width, maximum load, weight..) are available in a summary table at the bottom of the page of the selected item.

Another available product, that you can find online on our website among the list of our dinghies, theinflatable dinghy Fish Series P270SF Plastimo. This boat, at an affordable public price, does not have the same use as the previous boat. This one will be perfect for you if you prefer quieter waters and if you are a lake or river angler. Very light and stable thanks to its width, its khaki green and varnished wood look allows you to blend in with your environment. This dinghy has a whole set of specific accessories, notably fishing accessories, for transport and storage (carrying handles, bench bag). In length, this boat measures 270 cm for 133 cm width and the diameter of the floats is 37 cm. The engine has a maximum power of 4,4kW (6CV). Finally, the equipment includes among others a repair kit, an inflator and two paddles.

Equipment : safety first

Among the equipment to have on your boats, and whatever your type of navigation, to ensure your safety, there is not only the life jacket. In case of a fall in the water, it will be sufficient. On the other hand, when you go out to sea, your on-board equipment, the deck equipment, the fittings, must be very complete. Whether you have a motorboat or a sailboat, you need shackles, led navigation lights, ropes, cleats or blockers. Among the blockers in stock on our online site, you will find the Spinlock product range and in particular the XXS Spinlock. This product will lead your boat to high performance thanks to a guaranteed quality-price ratio! It offers 50% more power than other blockers, allows ropes to flow freely and is ideal for applications such as mainsail or spinnaker sheets. As an added bonus, it has access holes for rinsing with clean water. This product is available in 3 colors: black, silver and orange. Thanks to this blocker, you will feel safe on your boat and your navigation will be more pleasant.

Watch your step!

The safety on board your boat is important, but the descent also. That's why Nautisports offers you its selection of ladders and platforms. For example, thePlastimo folding stainless steel ladder. This stainless steel product is equipped with a 180° cross which will ensure the stabilization of the ladder and the safety of the user.

Other product in stock and to be found online on Nautisports. com, the Teck platform + Plastimo Telescopic Ladder. Installing this product on your boat is to guarantee you moments of relaxation in complete safety. Indeed, this product is composed of a 316L stainless steel tube and PVC steps: an ergonomic and comfortable assembly, even barefoot.

Equip your boat with Nautisports. com!

Whether you are a professional or an individual, Nautisports is at your side to find the product that will satisfy all your desires. Whether you need accessories for your boat, safety equipment, maintenance products, we have the product that will satisfy your desires. Whether it is dinghies, motor covers, or deck fittings, our stock is just a click away. All you have to do is choose what you need for you and your boat, and find the product you are looking for at the price that suits you. Do not hesitate to take a look at our products and accessories for boats on our online store, Nautisports. com!


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