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Helly Hansen

Among the top lifejacket brands, Helly Hansen (better known by its acronym HH) leads the way with a full line of inflatable lifejackets and lifebelts. From the UML automatic vest to the Hammar version and foam dinghy vests, such as the Rider Stealth 50N, Helly Hansen focuses on a sober style and a perfect fit for its vests.

The Norwegian brand works for all outdoor sports enthusiasts. Whether it's for men, women or children, you'll always find a Helly Hansen garment in your size to equip you for a day at sea, a weekend of skiing or a hike in the mountains.

The brand was founded by Norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen, who developed a waterproof membrane to provide greater comfort for his fishermen. This patented membrane is called Helly Tech. Thanks to his innovation, the Helly Hansen (hh) brand is now recognized for its high quality clothing, accessories and products.

Helly Hansen: 140 years of experience to accompany you on your adventures

It all began in 1877 when Helly Juell Hansen, a Norwegian captain, found new and innovative ways to protect his sailors from the elements. With the help of his wife, he started a small company that manufactured and sold jackets and pants designed for sailing. More than 140 years later, Helly Hansen has refined and diversified its expertise to become a leading brand in the world of sailing and boating. Whether you are looking for a Helly Hansen jacket, a pair of Helly Hansen shoes or a Helly Hansen bag, you are sure to find something that will meet your expectations.

The Helly Hansen jacket, a safe value for leisure sailing as well as for regattas

Choosing a Helly Hansen jacketis to choose a high performance jacket with excellent value for money. All Helly Hansen waterproof jackets have one thing in common: reliability. From the Helly Hansen Pier Jacket to the Aegir Ocean Jacket, all Helly Hansen jackets will protect you from rain and wind, whether you're sailing offshore or in the middle of the ocean, depending on the model you choose. Helly Hansen equips novices as well as professionals and has designed some of its models especially for racing. This is the case of the Aegir Race Jacketwhich is designed for competition. It's lighter and has strategically placed outer pockets to keep you moving.

Helly Hansen men's jacket : contemporary design and comfort

Helly Hansen has become a reference brand in the sailing world. A Helly Hansen watch jacket is synonymous with quality but also reliability. A Helly Hansen men's jacket like the Skagen Offshore Watch Jacket is a best-seller of the brand and one of the best value for money on the market. This Helly Hansen men's jacket will protect you from rain and spray thanks to the Helly Tech® 2-layer waterproof membrane, DWR treatment and taped seams. You'll appreciate the adjustable hood and contoured stand-up collar with double storm flaps to protect you from the elements. With attention to detail, this Helly Hansen jacket includes reflective finishes that meet the European standard for high visibility clothing.

Helly Hansen women's jacket, a cut adjusted to the female morphology

Helly Hansen women's jackets also benefit from the brand's expertise. A Helly Hansen jacket like the Skagen Offshore Women's Jacket jacket has the same features as the men's model, with an adaptation to the female morphology. With a slightly narrower waist, fuller chest and slightly tighter shoulders, this Helly Hansen women's jacket will be perfect for coastal and offshore adventures. The women's Skagen Offshore jacket benefits from the waterproof and breathable membrane developed by Helly Hansen, and many other features that are very relevant for sailing, such as a high collar with fleece lining or articulated sleeves to facilitate your movements.

Helly Hansen shoes : for all outdoor activities

With all its years of experience, the Norwegian brand has been able to diversify its know-how and extend its range beyond watch jackets and sailing overalls. Helly Hansen shoes have also made their mark in the world of sailing, like the Skagen F1 Men's Deck Shoea must-have deck shoe. In addition to its quick lacing system and EVA midsole, it also has a grippy outsole that won't let you down once you get on deck. Another Helly Hansen shoe that is perfect for deck work is the Ahiga Hydro Power deck shoe. With excellent breathability, great water evacuation and a multi-directional grip system, this Helly Hansen shoe also comes in a women's model: the Helly Hansen Ahiga V3 Hydropower Women's Shoes. With a pair of Helly Hansen shoes, deck work is easier, even when the weather is not good.

Helly Hansen bag : large size luggage or everyday backpacks

In addition to watch jackets, overalls and shoes, Helly Hansen has also developed a range of bags. The brand has used its expertise to offer bags that meet the needs of sailors. A bag like the Helly Hansen Duffel 2 duffel bag will resist water splashes thanks to a coated nylon design. Available in a variety of sizes, you're sure to find a Helly Hansen bag that's right for you. The Helly Hansen Duffel 2 30L duffel bag will be perfect for day trips while the Duffel 2 120L duffel bag will be more suitable for a cruise over several weeks. Between the two you will find 3 models of Helly Hansen bags: a Duffel 2 50L, a Duffel 2 70L and a Duffel 2 90L. Helly Hansen bags are ready for a sea trip but also for everyday use!

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As you can see, Helly Hansen has used its know-how and experience to become a must-have brand in the sailing world. More than 140 years of history The Helly Hansen brand has developed a wide range of reliable and high performance products to meet the needs of both professional and leisure sailors. Helly Hansen watch jackets, Helly Hansen shoes or Helly Hansen bags, the Norwegian brand is present everywhere and supplies the most prestigious sailors like Thomas Coville, Milan Colacek and many others!

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