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The fenders are an excellent solution for the protection of your sailboat or motorboat when it is docked or at anchor. A fender is an inflatable device used to protect your boat from collisions with other floating objects. It is usually attached to the bow or stern of the boat, and can be quickly inflated if necessary. This is the case with Plastimo's Polyform range, which guarantees an easy-to-install fender, as well as effective protection against impacts.

Boat fenders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from flat to inflatable. Another category of protection for boats at anchor is the boat fender, also known as a bumper, which comes in a range of products such as pontoon fenders or dock fenders. Unlike a fender, the latter is fitted to the deck where the boat is moored, rather than to the boat itself. The pontoon fender is an additional protection for your boat's hull when docked. It does not replace a fender, which is why we recommend that you install both whenever possible.


Among all the boat fenders available on our site, we find several categories and models of boat fenders, suitable for all types of boats and moorings. From the flat fender to save space on board to the bow fender, through the classic inflatable fender, make your choice among a large number of references and brands.


With the inflatable fenderthe question of space on board is solved. Very easy to use, the fender inflates and deflates at will. Available in a range of dimensions, sizes and colors, inflatable fenders are practical and affordable. However, remember to inflate your fenders in advance of your arrival in port or at anchor, to avoid any mishaps at sea.


Thanks to its shape, adapted to the bow of boats, the bow fender provides the most effective protection when mooring. This U-shaped fender perfectly follows the contours of your boat's bow to cushion impacts against the forward part of the hull. Made from foam, the bow fender retains its thickness, even under heavy pressure, to absorb shocks. All bow fenders on our website are easy to install, using a simple line or rope.


As its name suggests, the flat fender offers a compact shape for minimum space on board when stowed. Easy to handle, it can be easily deployed or stowed away when not in use. Its shape also allows it to be used as a navigation backrest for the comfort of crew and passengers. Don't be fooled by its thinness: the flat fender is made of high-density foam for a high level of resistance at sea or in port.


When it comes to pare battage cover we obviously think of the pare battage sock. This is one of the fender accessories we recommend after purchasing a boat fender. The cover helps protect your boat's hull and extends the life of your fender. A fender sock prevents scratches to your boat's hull and protects the fender from rubbing. That's why it's a good idea to order both fenders and fender covers. Fender covers are elastic and easy to fit. And don't worry about your budget: the fender cover offers a contained price.


In addition to the fender covers and socks available in our fender accessoriescategory, you'll also find everything you need to maintain your fenders and boat fenders and ensure their longevity. If you are looking for a fender bracket, an inflation nozzle, a bumper mounting kit or a valve, visit our site for a selection of the best fender accessories available for sale online. All our bumper products are in stock for fast delivery to your home or to a relay point.


Other types of fenders are also very popular on the yachting market. In addition to the above-mentioned types, you'll find cylindrical fenders. This is the type of fender most commonly used at anchor. Its length makes it easy to install and handle. It has a through end that allows the through fender to follow the movements of the boat by rolling around the end, allowing to protect the hull of your boat. Also widely used by boaters, the spherical fender has the same advantages as the fenders on our list, the only difference being that it has a larger diameter. Although they are mainly used on larger boats, they can also be used as mooring buoys. Practical, the ladder fender offers two advantages: it protects your hull when anchored, and it facilitates access to your boat by serving as a boat ladder. The ladder fender is a highly effective 2-in-1 product, making anchoring easier and saving space on board.


Find on our online store a wide choice of fenders and boat fenders for your sailboat or motorboat, to take on board or to put directly on the dock or the pontoon. Each reference for fenders, boat fenders and bumpers has a product sheet detailing delivery time according to available stock, fender price, accessories included, fender dimensions (length, width and circumference), color (usually black or white) and type of fender.

Our advice page will also help you choice of beater guardOur advice page will also help you choose the right type of fender, as well as the right quantity to have on board, depending on the size of your boat. So don't hesitate to go online and browse all our ladder fenders, flat fenders, spherical or cylindrical fenders to ensure the best possible protection for your boat in case of shocks at anchor or at the quay, and at the best price. Most products in stock online are available in various colors, such as white, red or navy blue. Our experts have selected for you the leading brands of boat fenders, such as PlastimoOcean, Majoni and Polyform. Once you've chosen your fender model, you can add a fender sock to your order to extend the life of your boat equipment.

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