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The lifejacket: safety first

Whether you are an amateur or a specialist in nautical activities, the life jacket or buoyancy aid is the mandatory product to have on board your boat. The regulations impose it and the life jacket is an essential product to have.

Whatever your type of navigation, depending on the regulations and the equipment you wear, you must make your choice before jumping into the water. Spinlock, plastimo, Helly hansen or Crewsaver, make your choice among our different suppliers. Whether it is foam or inflatable, for children or adults, Nautisports offers a wide selection of life jackets. Safety, comfort, elegance, buoyancy, harness, iso standard, affordable prices, there is bound to be a vest that will meet your expectations.

The different types of life jackets

Depending on the type of navigation you practice, but also on the equipment you wear, you must choose an adapted lifejacket. The first criterion of choice is the distance that separates you from the nearest shelter, i. e. a place where there is a possibility of anchoring, mooring or landing. The regulations indicate :

  • Between 0 and 2 miles from a shelter, the wearing of a vest of at least 50 Newtons is mandatory
  • Between 2 and 6 miles from a shelter, the wearing of a vest of at least 100 Newtons is mandatory
  • Beyond 6 miles from a shelter, a lifejacket of at least 150 Newtons is mandatory
  • Please note that a lifejacket ofat least 100 Newtons is mandatory for children under 30 kg, regardless of the distance to a shelter

Beyond the regulations, there are different types of vests (foam or inflatable). The main advantage of inflatable vests is that they take up very little space compared to dinghy jackets. Among the inflatable vests, you will find different types of activation, manual or automatic. The automatic vest requires regular maintenance and also has a manual release.

Inflated to the max!

A fall at sea can happen very quickly. To face this kind of situation, the automatic life jackets are one of the solutions. This is the case with the Spinlock harness / life jacket Deck Pro Harness from Spinlock. This inflatable vest with automatic release offers complete protection against falls into the sea. Easy and quick to adjust, this lifejacket benefits from the Uml pro sensor inflation system with an integrated capsule that allows the release of the vest when the capsule is submerged.

So whether you're sailing offshore or offshore, this is the ideal product for your comfort and safety. Easy and quick to adjust with its integrated deck harness, approved to the iso 150 standard, this inflatable lifejacket is one of the most complete in its category and the most comfortable lifejacket. All this for a price of 285 euros. Available in sizes T1 - T2 - T3 and several colors: white, blue and black.

The 180N Pro automatic lifejacket from CrewSaver: compact and comfortable

For active sailing or racing enthusiasts, CrewSaver offers this lifejacket that combines safety, comfort and affordability. It also has the advantage of being compact and therefore taking up little space on the boat. This product is very buoyant and comfortable to wear, giving you greater freedom of movement during your sailing. So choose CrewSaver 180N Pro automatic vest which will bring you comfort and safety thanks to its chin support, its single-loop harness, as well as a vest status indicator. The price of this ultra complete product: 159 euros.

For a navigation in all peace, the Pilot 165 vest

Quieter sea trips are not synonymous with a lack of safety. On the contrary. Your equipment must be in order and the lifejacket must be present on the boat. And the Pilot 165 vest with harness from plastimo is the ideal and cheap product for this kind of activities. Suitable for most types of boating (coastal sailing, regular outings, cruising...), this plastimo lifejacket is the classic lifejacket. With its elegant and modern cover and its ergonomic harness with a textile buckle, this lifejacket will bring you comfort and flexibility. For an affordable price (72 euros), plastimo allows you to benefit from a complete product with an adapted refill kit (manual, Automatic Pro Sensor or Hammar). This plastimo lifejacket is available in several colors: black, blue or red.

Find a large selection of life jackets on Nautisports. com

Foam or inflatable vest, manual or automatic release, make your choice, but do not forget the criterion of buoyancy to ensure your safety. Whatever the type of life jacket you are looking for, you will find the list of all life jackets, and your ideal product, on the Nautisports. com page!

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